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Below are details on a start up location we are beginning right away.  And now, you can make your investment with Bitcoin.  An investor can also use a revolving line of credit to make the investment without taking any money our of pocket.  Please inquire for more details by sending a helpdesk ticket.


Ececutive Summary for Assisted Care Facility


The owners wish to create an assisted care facility near San Jose, Costa Rica. It is not intended at this time to accept people who require heavy nursing or other services, such as that required by Alzheimer’s or terminal cancer or other terminal illnesses. Rather, the goal is to provide a place of comfort for those who for one reason or another are not able to live fully independent lives or need someone on call in case of an emergency.

Also, it is intended that there be an alternative health care provider on call at the desire and expense of patients. Finally, it is contemplated that heavy use will be made of the Caja for traditional medical treatment. Since this is now a requirement of residency, it is anticipated that all patients should already be members of the Caja. Visits to private doctors will be at the patients’ expense.

The facility will provide the following services:

  1. Round the clock live in assistance for emergencies

  2. 3 meals and 2 snacks per day if desired

  3. A nutritionist will be on call to help plan the menu as well as to help those with special needs.

  4. Transportation to medical appointments.

  5. Laundry will be done as needed

We plan to begin operations by either renting a suitable facility or finding a suitable foreclosure we can lease from the bank with an option to buy. By leasing and not buying or building a facility, it will lower the start up expenses considerably, as well as speed the process of opening.

We do have an option on a large property above Santa Ana, which an investor could buy and then lease back to us, but a building will need to be constructed on the property. It is estimated that the start up costs for this could be in the $1-2 Million range.

We have decided to start with the rental facility, as it could be operational in about 90 days from having suitable funds, and either continue to look for financing for the longer range project or use a percentage of our profits to start the other facility.

For the rented facility, we need to locate a house with between 5-20 rooms, so that we can have between 10-20 people [double occupancy will be the norm, private rooms will be available at additional cost].

The facility should have some outside, garden type areas for residents to enjoy themselves outside when the weather permits.

Estimated Start Up Expenses

  1. Rent for 6 months at between $1,000.00 to 2,000.00/mo.

Total for 6 months: 6,000.00 to 12,000.00

  1. 2-3 employees @ $600.00**/mo each: 2 1,200.00

    3 1,800.00

Total for 6 mos.: 7,200.00 to 10,080.00

Min $320 if they live in and eat there

  1. Kitchen appliances, furniture and other misc. $5,000.00

Food and other supplies will be purchased on an as needed, pre-paid basis, so will not be a strain on reserves.

  1. Reserves $5,000.00

Total Estimated Start Up Expenses: 23,200 to 32,800.00

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