Below you will find properties that are already part of our network, properties that are applying, and properties being developed.

Existing Properties

At present, we have no properties yet approved, but several are in the pipeline.  We will not list them here until they are completely approved, but if you want to get on a waiting list to move in, or wish to invest, please write to our office through our contact form and we will let you know what is soon coming.

It is best to get on the waiting list, because properties may be full by the time we publish their final approval here.


Nearing Completion

Puriscal Paradise.  This property will hopefully be ready in about 90 days.  Here are some pictures of this beauty.

one bedroom







Living Room 1







Breath taking view at breakfast







Kitchen 2







Relax and Enjoy the Great Outdoors







Drink in Our Panoramic Views








Welcome Home!







Properties to Be Developed

Currently, we have 3 parcels of raw land to be developed.  One is on the famous Sarapiqi River and is a great jungle adventure place.

One of the others is in the hills overlooking the upscale neighborhood of Santa Ana, and the third is near Jaco Beach.

Here are a couple photos on the Santa Ana Property:

Santa Ana 1







Santa Ana 2

Once developed, they will make great locations to live and play in Costa Rica.  More properties are on the way.

Right now, we only have some photos of the jungle property, but we hope to get some good pictures from the property owner soon.

So here are some scenes from our upcoming Jungle Lodge in the meantime.

Jungle Lodge 1








Jungle Lodge 2








Jungle Lodge 3








Properties Under Consideration


From time to time, we come across properties that might be very nice at a good price, but we are not sure if you would like them for one reason or another.  Let us know if you like the following property, or if you would like to buy it and develop it for us, or invest.

The Ponderosa is available now,  and is located close to Arenal.  We are not sure if you want to be THIS FAR OUT.  Also, this part of Costa Rica is very hot and it’s not near the beach, but is close to some resorts at Arenal, so might have some appeal.  Here are a few pictures and let us know what you think, or if you would like to live full or part time here.

After all, our goal is to give you the retirement setting YOU want!

La Ponderosa







The House







From The House







The Volcan














Looking Toward The Gate







Watch this space for much more to come!



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