Become a Member Property

If you feel that your property would qualify to become part of our network, feel free to submit an application. Send us a contact inquiry and we will tell you where to email your photos and other materials.


Properties in our network must meet high standards, and we take client complaints very seriously. However, if you qualify, we may be able to offer you a loan to get your property up to our standards or make other improvements.


Also, if you have a piece of raw land you would like for us to develop, please submit your plan to us. If approved, we can possibly make you a very competitive loan offer to get you off the ground. Our investors are always looking for good properties in this niche to invest in, and we are the first company who is working to make it happen, one resident, one investor, and one property at a time.


We will also inform you of the other terms and conditions you will have to meet before we start locating residents for you.



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