In today’s economy, you’re lucky if you can make 2-3% per year on your money. And safety? Who has safety in today’s market, where once “safe “ government bonds no longer seem secure and some are down right dangerous.

Greece is the worst example today, followed by Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, and even some US cities and states.

In fact, with the once “golden” state of California teetering on the edge of the abyss, nothing seems safe anymore.

And don’t even get me started on T bills. If you think those are much safer, then you just haven’t been paying attention for the past couple of years.


Instability Is the Norm Today


In short, instability is now the norm, even for what was once considered “safe” government paper. And the yields are in the toilet. In fact, in Japan and some other countries you have NEGATIVE yields!

Of course, the cornerstone of any good retirement plan is preservation of capital. Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee that anymore let alone GROW your nest egg. So, in this type of climate, you are naturally concerned that you might just run out of money before you go to the great beyond, leaving you dependent either on unreliable government hand outs or family.

However you look at it, it’s not a pretty picture.


Once Solid Real Estate Is No Longer Solid


In time’s past, you could always buy income properties as an ultimate hedge against such risks. In fact, it used to be that real estate was a sure bet.

In the long term it probably still is. After all, they aren’t MAKING any more land out there! Unfortunately, with the economy down so much, there might be a long wait before real estate bounces back.

So flipping properties, except in very rare circumstances and locations, is no longer a viable option to make quick cash. In fact, if you NEED to sell today to generate cash to pay bills, then you will probably end up selling at a LOSS, not a profit.

Of course, the age old wisdom says that when the market is this low, just hold onto your properties and wait for them to bounce back, which they will do someday. However, in the meantime, many people are now upside down on their mortgages – their equity greatly reduced, or eliminated entirely, by falling real estate prices.

So, if you have a NEGATIVE cash flow, and the property is no longer worth as much as you owe on it, you might have to make the choice to just walk away someday and take the loss, especially if you can’t carry the negative cash flow any longer.

Others might be more lucky, and have at least a small positive cashflow. And maybe your lender is willing to work something out with you to keep you afloat. But, even so, what was once INCOME property may now be sucking up money like a vacuum cleaner, greedily sucking up money you planned to LIVE ON.


And Don’t Trust Those Mortgages


Years ago, those who didn’t want the hassles associated with owning income properties opted to buy and hold the paper instead. It was a good idea while it lasted.

Instead of being woken up at 2 AM in the morning by an angry tenant who insists that you come over and fix their toilet, clean up the flood from exploding pipes, fix the furnace that just suddenly quit in the middle of a blizzard, etc., etc., these clever people saw that by investing in mortgages, they could just sit back, relax, let someone else manage the properties with their attendant problems, and just cash those monthly checks.

And, if they needed to cash out for some emergency, a well seasoned mortgage note could be sold on the secondary market at a reasonable discount, giving them the cash they needed to take care of whatever emergency had arisen, leaving the rest of the mortgage portfolio alone, still earning those returns.

Those were the good old days, and if one didn’t want to take the risk of owning individual mortgages, there were those nice REITS out there and other “safe,” mortgage backed vehicles. And many were insured by Fannie or Freddy, so that one could rest at night secure in the knowledge that their good old Uncle Sam was watching the chickens in the hen house at night.

Then those dreams crashed and burned, and are still crashing and burning, meaning that your friendly pension fund manager may be losing YOUR shirt.


One of the Only Safe Havens Left


It seems like the rats from the rat race not only rule your work a day world but are now busy eating your retirement nest egg too! Are you going to have to go back to work at 75 because the rats ate your little nest egg? Oh, I forgot, all the jobs are in India or China now, so that’s not an option.

That’s why prudent investors are looking to diversify their portfolios with things that are STILL working, rather than continuing to beat dead horses.

Unfortunately, the pasture is filled with dead horses, so you have to choose wisely.

That’s where we come in.


Come to Safety and Security


Our concept provides you with double, or even triple protection!


That’s right. Go get your reading glasses to make sure you are seeing this right, because our business is booming in a country with a bright future. That’s because Costa Rica is going to be one of the retirement meccas for the millions of boomers now retiring.


You don’t have to shovel snow here in the wintertime. In fact, the temperature is pretty much the same, boring, 70-75 degrees year round!

And, in Costa Rica, you can live in the mountains, at the beach, in the country, or in the city. Your neighbors can be howler monkeys and toucans, or the nice, pleasant Ticos. It’s your choice, because all of this wounder, beauty, and diversity is very close by.

If you decide in the morning you want to go to the beach for the day, there is almost nowhere in the country that is more than a few hours from two coasts. And each coast has it’s own unique charm and ambiance.

Or if you want to head out for the mountains, a rainforest to enjoy the zip line tour, whitewater rafting – whatever trips your fancy, except skiing of course, is only a short distance away from almost any point in this tropical paradise.

With all of this going for it, there’s no end in sight to the possibilities in this magical land, which is why an investment here is a safer bet than back home.


You Get Two Layers of Security


With our plan, your loan is secured by real estate and a business people are literally dying to get into. And, even if the retirement boom stopped tomorrow, you would still be secured by real estate, so there is no way you can lose.

However, this investment opportunity is extremely limited, and is available on a first come, first served basis only.

We are currently developing our first project at Puriscal Paradise. We are also taking preliminary investments for our next three projects. One is close to one of the busiest beaches in the country, the other is in the hills above luxurious Santa Ana, and the last one is a jungle lodge on a very popular stretch of river.

Each one of these gorgeous properties only needs a limited amount of funds, and once the current project fills up, you will have to wait on the next one. We are doing this one property at a time to maintain quality.

The lender will only accept investments in increments of $10,000.00, although our lender, Global Financial Security, may be offering smaller factional shares.

This investment is not open to citizens of the United States, or any other country that might treat this as a securities offering. This is not a securities offering in any country that would consider it to be so.

While the lender is attempting to qualify this investment to qualify for Costa Rican residency, that arrangement has not yet been made and may only apply on a project by project basis with different terms for each opportunity. This is also not a Costa Rican securities offering.

If you are a citizen or resident of the United States, or any other country that would interfere with your right to make this investment, and wish to invest, Global Financial Security can either set up a trust for you or other offshore vehicle so that entity can make the investment. You will need to see their website for full details.

You are investing as part of a mortgage pool tied to a specific property. Each one of the properties we represent is independently owned and operated. While best efforts are made on our part to inform you of a great opportunity, you should consult with your own legal and financial advisers to see if this is the right thing for you. In any event, this is not an offer to sell securities, nor is the owner or operator of this site responsible for your investment experience. We are not a party to this transaction. It is a transaction between you and the lender, Global Financial Security.

You should not rely on the material on this website or any of our company literature or information to make any investment decision, which is solely your responsibility.




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