Our Concept

Assisted living choices in Costa Rica are very limited. You’re lucky to find anything suitable at any price, and that’s if they have room because many places are full and vacancies don’t stay open for long.


And then there is the problem that most of the places that cater to locals would not be acceptable to Expats, nor do they speak much English.


You quickly discover that you’re a stranger in a strange land. You don’t know where or how to get what you need, and the few places that do cater to expats have sky high prices.


Sky High Prices Back Home


But let’s face reality. Prices back home for any type of service are outrageous. Depending on where you live, you will pay at least $2,500.00/ month and often much more. We aren’t talking about a nursing home here, but just basic care too. To get nursing home care you often have to sign over the house as a first step followed by your whole pension check.


And what does that get you? A cold room in Michigan, terrible meals, and maybe a card game in the afternoon in the “recreation room.”


And you’re kind of stuck there in the winter time because it’s too cold and snowy to go out much, not to mention the dangers of slipping, falling, and injury.



Contrast That to Your New Home in Paradise


You’re lucky you got to our website, because you have found a place to call home at last that isn’t going to cost the farm and your entire check!


We are NOT a nursing home, we are a group care home, providing basic but much needed services for your peace of mind.


We provide you with two meals per day, a nurse and a doctor on call, trips to medical appointments, shopping, and periodic planned outings that you vote on.


We are more of a community than anything else. A community that cares about you.


We are not some big corporation with a headquarters thousands of miles away that only cares about the bottom line.


Each of the homes in our network is individually owned and operated, with one of the owners staying with you or nearby. If there is a problem, that means there is someone nearby to talk to.


The bottom line is that there is someone near you with the personal touch to see that you are well taken care of.



The Application Process


We are sorry, but we can’t take everyone, and different locations have different criteria.


But, our staff can fill you in on what’s available where, and set up appointments for you to go out to the various houses that meet your tastes and needs.


Costa Rica is filled with different climates and locations. You can live at the beach, on the farm, in the mountains, in the valley, or in the city. It all depends on what you like.


But, once you become a member of our organization, since Costa Rica is such a varied paradise of choices, you can transfer your membership from one location to another, depending on availability, of course.


What this means is that you don’t have to be “stuck” in one place. You can move around to different climates as you choose, and, if you want to go home for a few months, NO PROBLEM! We will do our best to “fill your spot” for the time you are away, but have it waiting for you when you return. If we can’t fill your spot, you will have to continue to pay rent to reserve your space, but chances are that someone else will be happy to stay in your spot to keep it warm while you’re away.



We Are Affordable


Some developments here in Costa Rica want to charge you a non refundable fee of over $150,000.00. All this does is give you the right to live in one of their villas, and should you need help, it is provided “at the discretion of the medical director,” whatever that means.


If you become too ill to stay in your own home, they will move you to an infirmary, and return you to your villa when they believe you are well enough. Nothing is said about what happens if you become too ill to ever return to your villa. And since you don’t own it anyway, they can do with it whatever they want because they already have your money up front, and on top of that you need to pay over $2,000.00+ per month.


These hefty fees DON’T cover transportation to medical appointments, which is available for “an extra charge,” or other trips to shopping, etc. But taxis are always available! Hey, you could get a taxi WITHOUT paying a hefty initiation or monthly fee, but at least they cut the grass out front!


There are the Tico places that charge a lot less, but most expats would not like the conditions there and would quickly run screaming the other direction.


And there are a few other “gringo” friendly places, mostly around Escazu at more than $2000.00/ month for a shared room, but, hey, they’re almost the only game in town. Of course, you have to stay put there year round to keep your spot open…..


Just the Solution You Need


We have just the solution you need. We have affordable prices, nice rooms, and a very small membership fee. Once you’ve paid the fee, you can shift your membership to whichever of our locations you want as long as they have space.


After all, why should you come to a vacation paradise with so many living choices only to be stuck with one? It just doesn’t make a lot of sense.


Our rates are affordable, generally less than $1600.00 per month. Our locations are top notch, our staff responsive to your needs.


And, since each property is separately owned and operated, you’re not dealing with some unaccountable corporation – yet, because of our affiliation with many member properties, your choices are growing every month.


Just fill out the contact form on our contact page and we will be happy to provide you with more information.


And welcome to paradise!



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